ROADSHOW Q&A for Schools

Why join a GE/TBSAA roadshow trip?

GE/TBSAA is a group of boarding school admission officers that share a mutual goal. We work together and help one another to work more efficiently. Come and join the circle, you will learn a lot.
Strength in numbers. It’s not always easy to market your school when you traveling alone. While traveling with a diverse set of schools, sub-agents find it easier to promote a larger event — this means more students!

How many students can be interviewed or met during the Roadshow Trip?

The number of students we normally meet on each trip is about 100 ~ 200 in total. 

What percentage of the students interviewed will submit formal applications?

We usually encourage students who have been interviewed to submit formal applications as soon as possible. The yield rate is typically 30%~40%. However, what is perhaps an equally important reason for joining the roadshow is not always to get on-the-spot students, but rather it is to have the opportunity to promote your school’s name to the local agent and families. In addition, it is also an opportunity to become acquainted with GE staff. Since most students come from our daily consulting, it is very important for you stay in close contact with GE staff after the roadshow.

Will I need a Visa for Roadshow Trip?

If you hold an American passport, please refer to the table below:
Europe: You don’t need a visa to most of European countries, we will inform you if the visa is needed.
China: You need a visa, please contact us for the invitation letter.
Vietnam: You need a visa, apply evisa online
Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand: You don’t need a visa
Other countries: We will inform you if the visa is needed.

Will there be free time to meet with current families from my school during this trip?

Yes. Most mornings will be free for you to meet with families unless we are traveling to a new city. You will be provided with an official itinerary at least 10 days before the roadshow that will provide dates and time when you can arrange meetings with your current families.

How many brochures/flyers and swags would you recommend we have made/purchase for the trip?

Brochures/flyers: We suggest 30 copies for each city.
Swags: 30 pieces of swags for each city should be good.

Can I leave a USB flash drive with school materials but no contact information for students during the Roadshow Trip?

Yes. You can bring flash drive, and the content can only be school photos, videos, and brochures (with no contact info). Please do NOT include your contact email, telephone, agent agreement, application form, etc. in the flash drive.

What NOT to bring to the events.

Please do not share your name card with students' families or sub-agencies' counselors. Sharing your What'sapp, WeChat, or email address with students is also NOT allowed. Please encourgae families to work with their consultants to apply for your school if been asked how to apply, it is very important that we respect and support agents work.

I want to join the roadshow. What should I do next?

1, Complete Registration Form
2, Make Trip Fee payment, we will send you an invoice when receive your registration.
3, Submit schools promoting materials, please send your most up-to-date materials to us via email.

What is the deadline for registration?

Registration Priority Deadline:
Fall Roadshow trips: August ~ December, Priority Deadline: Apr. 1st
Spring Roadshow trips: January ~ May, Priority Deadline: Sep. 1st
We still accept registrations after the deadline if spots are available.

Who should I contact if I have more quesitons?

For any questions, please send an email to [email protected], or [email protected].  

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Cost for attending Roadshows: 

What is the cost for participating GE roadshow, what is the discount Policy?
Single Trip: 12800 USD per trip

Fees include:
Transportation: all transportation during the trip exclude your round trip flights from and to the U.S.; airport pickup and drop off; private car or taxi for local events.
Lodging: mostly 5-star hotels (preferably Marriott hotels)
Meals: three meals a day included
Marketing fee : advertising fee & events fee

​Fees NOT include:
International flights : from the U.S to the arrival city of the trip, and from the departure city of the trip back to the U.S.
Printed marketing materials: such as fliers, brochures, etc.
Swags: such as T-shirts, cups, notebooks, USB drive, pens, stickers, etc. Personal expenses. 

What is the cost to bring a second person?

The cost to bring a second person is 8000 USD for each trip. If the two person will share a hotel room, the cost will be 7000 USD. 

What is the cost if schools join only for partial of the trip?
We allow school to join partial of the trip as long as the Roadshow does not reach maximum capacity, the cost is 3000 USD for each one-day event you will attend, the cost includes the events fee, one meal, and a one-night hotel room.

What if GE cancel the events, will school get fully refund?
If for any reason GE has to cancel the events, school will get fully refund or credits for future trips.

What is the refund policy if schools withdraw attending the roadshow?
If the travelling policy allows us to travel but schools decide not to travel, the refund policy is as follow:
12 weeks prior to start of the Roadshow, 70% refund;
10 weeks prior to start of the Roadshow, 60% refund;
8 weeks prior to start of the Roadshow, 50% refund;
6 weeks prior to start of the Roadshow, 40% refund;
4 weeks prior to start of the Roadshow, 30% refund;
2 weeks prior to start of the Roadshow, 20% refund;
Within 2 weeks prior to start of the Roadshow, no refund;

In the case that we have to move meetings to Zoom, is there a partial refund policy?
If the situation is unexpected, all marketing and related logistics costs will have been exhausted, and therefore not possible to issue a refund.

In the case that we cannot hold certain events, is there a partial refund policy?
In the case that we have to cancel/postpone certain scheduled events, GE will work with local education agents to reschedule a new event at no extra cost for schools. 

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